Terrell: Kyle Rittenhouse Is a Political Prisoner, This Is About the 2nd Amendment

‘You are 100% correct and the left and the media don’t care’


TERRELL: "You are 100% correct, and the left and the media does not care. They don’t care if they lie. This is a political trial. Kyle Rittenhouse is a political prisoner. It’s about the Second Amendment, it's about the guns. And you heard that prosecutor, who was absolutely dead wrong about the right to have the gun. He waved his right of privilege? That’s a lie. He's absolutely wrong. But it's the expectation. It’s not a race case. It’s not black versus white, but it doesn’t matter. They want chaos. That's why you have 500 National Guard on standby. For what? Because the left wants something to happen, bad, period. But it’s about the Second Amendment. You look at the issue here, the gun. This man had a right to defend himself. And I will give you an opinion: He should be found acquitted, as you correctly stated. The judge has the ace in the hole because he can declare a mistrial with prejudice."

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