Youngkin: Congress-Passed $1.2T Infrastructure Bill Will Help Virginia

‘We’ve got a lot of infrastructure needs in Virginia’


YOUNGKIN: "Well, mine's far less of a good or bad political decision. There’s going to be good support for Virginia that comes out of that bill. And right now we’re trying to make sure we identify where the support for Virginia can come. We’ve got a lot of infrastructure needs in Virginia. I’ve been very focused on broadband access in rural Virginia, really important, making sure that our roads and bridges are reinforced and maintained, but we've also got to expansion we need to do in order to connect Virginia. I think one of the great opportunities for us is, we have one of the great natural wonders in the world, which is our port. And Hampton Roads should be a growth engine for Virginia. We need to connect it better, so that all of Virginia can benefit from the leading capabilities that exist at our port. And so, this infrastructure bill, I think, will provide a lot of resources for that. The politics on the other side of it, I'll leave to the folks who pay attention to that. I’m really focused on making sure Virginia gets moving and I think the infrastructure bill will help us."

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