Stefanik Grills FBI Witness: ‘Are Parents Who Oppose Critical Race Theory Domestic Terrorists?’

‘Are they considered domestic terrorists’


STEFANIK: "Do parents who oppose CRT, are they considered domestic terrorists?"

LANGAN: "No. To my knowledge."

STEFANIK: "No to your knowledge?"

LANGAN: "No. No. As long as the individuals are not committing federal violations, force of violence, or in promotion of an ideology, they would not be."

STEFANIK: "Are parents who oppose mask mandates considered domestic terrorists?"


STEFANIK: "Let me ask you this. What are your thoughts — because the general — the Attorney General Garland memo was based upon the School Board Association letter, which has now been rescinded, why has the Department not rescinded the Garland memo?"

LANGAN: "You would have to refer that question to the Department of Justice:"

STEFANIK: "Do you think that it should be rescinded?"

LANGAN: "I’m not going to speak on behalf of the Attorney General, ma'am."

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