Trump on His Favorite Bible Verse: ‘It’s Personal’

‘I think the Bible is something very special’

john: you mentioned the bible and he talked about how it was your favorite book. some people are surprised. of your most favorite bible i am wondering what one or two verses are? 
mr. trump: i would want to get into it because it's very personal. no, i -- 
john: one that you think about or cite? even to cite averse? 
mark: old testament guy? 
mr. trump: probably equal -- i think it -- the whole bible is incredible. my second favorite book of all time. i think the bible is something very special. 
mark: have you ever read the koran? what is your view of that as a piece of important world history? 
mr. trump: well, it is certainly a piece of world history, and lots of things are happening, but it is not something that i have a lot of interest in. i would like to find out what's happening and why there is such hatred. you look at what's going on in the world, and it's wonderful to say, hey, let's look at norway, at sweden, but you look at what's happening with the koran, ...

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