Abbott on Biden Considering Paying Migrants Separated at Border: ‘Absolutely Disgusting’

‘The priorities of the Biden administration are all wrong’


ABBOTT: "Well, first, to say the least, it is a head scratcher that makes no sense whatsoever. I'll tell you two things about it. One thing is that it would spark even more people trying to come across the border because not only are they getting into the United States free, actually they are getting paid for it now. And so you would see is a tidal wave of people trying to get into United States. However, I want to emphasize this, Maria, and that is what the Biden administration is thinking about doing is absolutely disgusting. Because they are paying far more money to people who broke law coming in -- into the United States illegally than they are to gold star families who've lost a member of their family, who was giving up their life to defend the United States of America. The priorities of the Biden administration are all wrong. And they are disastrous for the United States, but also they are hostile to men and women who have served our country."

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