Tom Homan: President Biden Ran Out on His Promises

‘With everything this administration is doing, it’s just bringing more people into this country illegally’


HOMAN: “Well, first of all, family members 450,000 is ridiculous. We are pie paying who entering t country illegally? What messages are we sending to cartels and family units? Come across the border and commit a crime and you will never be prosecuted because we do not want to get separated. Different set of rules for migrants. You put this on top of the no enforcement policy that came out from the department, the new ice priorities, ice can’t arrest somebody from being here illegally, they stopped building the border wall. It’s bringing more people into the country illegally. They haven’t done any enforcement strategy, no consequence, no deterrence, just more and more enticements. We are in the middle of the biggest border crisis in the country.”

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