Fiorina: Donald Trump ‘a Big Wake up Call’ to Professional Political Class and the Media

‘What presidential campaigns do is reveal character over time under pressure’


FIORINA: “You know, I think Donald Trump is perhaps as much as anything a big wakeup call to the professional-political class as well as the media, honestly. People are tired of both. And they don't trust either one anymore. I think what Donald Trump taps into is a disgust with professional-political class, a belief that the game is rigged and that in part whether this is fair or not, the media helped rig it. I think people want truth telling in politics. I can remember being challenged on multiple Sunday shows just as an example about the fact that I said Hillary Clinton has lied. Lied about Benghazi, lied about her e-mails, lied about her server. And the media said oh, my gosh, those are such harsh words. Well, by any common sense definition of the term, she's lied. So I think Donald Trump's a wakeup call to a lot of folks, the professional-political establishment for one and the media for another. Having said all that, I think what presidential campaigns do is reveal character over time and under pressure. I think character will be revealed of all the candidates over time and under pressure.” 

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