Hannity: Reports Say Manchin and Sinema Are Caving in to Raise Corporate Taxes

‘They are both agreeing to a 15% minimum corporate tax’


HANNITY: “And sadly, it appears that Manchin and Sinema are caving. We have reports out tonight that they are both agreeing to a brand-new 15% minimum corporate tax. They think that will help fund the Build Back Better New Green Deal socialism. But make no mistake, this new tax will not harm corporations. How many times do I have to say it? Corporations don’t pay taxes. They pay their employees less and then they pass the cost onto you. It will hurt you even further on top of Biden inflation, on top of the high energy prices we'll now pay. This tax will get passed onto you. Everything you buy will cost more, on top of what we are already paying more. Every car, every bit of gasoline, heating and cooling your home,d food and groceries, when you go to the drug store, everything. If you live this West Virginia or Arizona, anywhere else, your costs will go up significantly. And remember, this is in addition to the current wave of inflation, again caused by Joe Biden, and as we move further. To them, ideology, power are the only things that matter. Anyone who doesn’t walk in lock step with this radical base has no future in the party."

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