Jim Jordan: ‘There Was Coordination’ from the Get-Go Between NSBA and the Biden Admin. To Go After Parents

‘24 hours after that hearing, the School Board Association apologizes, that never happens’


JORDAN: "The only basis for the memo, the very first sentence in the memo was that uptick in violence, uptick in threats. The only basis for that was, in fact, the letter that the School Board Association sent to the President of the United States. And five days later, the Justice Department does just that, gets the FBI involved in local school board matters. So yeah, I think there was coordination from this from the get-go. I think they talked, the School Board Association talked with the White House and probably the Justice Department as well. I think all of that took place. But here’s the kicker. 24 hours after that hearing, the School Board Association apologizes. That never happens. The fact that this apology wasn't a normal apology, they apologized twice in the same paragraph.”

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