Sean Hannity Slams Chris Matthews: ‘He Plays the Race Card Nearly Every Day’

‘He plays the race card nearly every day, but he won’t criticize his fellow host’

Boom: Sean Hannity Slams 'Phony' 'Hypocrite' Chris Matthews for Race Baiting (NewsBusters)

Sean Hannity is sick of Chris Matthews's "hypocritical" pandering on issues of race, calling out the Hardball anchor, Monday, for smearing Republicans even as he protects MSNBC colleagues. Unloading, Hannity attacked, "...If that hypocrite, that phony, Chris Matthews, is so concerned about race issues, he has a colleague at his own network."

The Fox News host then played a montage of MSNBC host Al Sharpton using the n-word and saying other offensive terms. Zeroing in on Matthews himself, Hannity derided, "He plays the race card nearly every day, but he won't criticize his fellow host." 

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