Karl Rove: Education Will Play Big Role in Virginia Governor Election

‘If McAuliffe loses it is because Youngkin made issue on education, economy and crime, he is better for the issues particularly for suburban voters’


ROVE: "I think they are. In fact, I not only would agree with Professor Buckley’s suggestion that education is playing an outsized role in this election, so would Terry McAuliffe. Because you'll notice, he says 'Youngkin is taking my words out of context,' that was his response. But here's what he, Terry McAuliffe, said in a televised debate. 'I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.' So who are you going to believe? Either his claim that he’s being taken out of context or your lying eyes and ears which give you a chance to go online and find out that he said exactly this during a debate. He’s made this an issue, the people made it an issue, events have made it an issue. Education is going to play a big role in the outcome of this election."

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