Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘Parents Aren’t Domestic Terrorists’

‘Parents are the taxpayers that pay Merrick Garland’s salary’


TAYLOR GREENE: "So here’s what we need to hold into account. The public needs to question our very government. When we have people that think they’re above the law and they're the Attorney General, this is when we have a real problem. Parents aren’t domestic terrorists. Parents are the taxpayers that pay Merrick Garland's salary and pay for this government. So this is something that we need to continue to watch in this Judiciary Committee hearing. Even Chairman Nadler won’t even follow his own rules, refusing to let a video appearance at a school board be shown, saying their own concerns, while he insists on someone like me wearing a mask. The whole thing is just a joke, and this committee is a sham.”

(Via the Hill)

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