CNN: Hillary Clinton Is a ‘Calm, Steadying Force’; Some Criticism ‘Probably Not Fair’

‘Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is a calm, steadying force, but people are worried about whether she’s strong enough for the job and the same thing – does Jeb Bush have the kind of fire?’

CNN: Hillary Clinton Is a ‘Calm, Steadying Force’; Some Criticism ‘Probably Not Fair’ (NewsBusters)

Amid the growing rumors on Monday night surrounding a possible presidential run by Vice President Joe Biden, CNN’s AC360 couldn’t help but still mention Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton with chief national correspondent John King ruling that some criticism of Clinton “isn’t quite probably not fair” while David Gergen touted her as “a calm, steadying force.”

Speaking with fill-in host John Berman, CNN political commentator Carl Bernstein struck a different tone in diagnosing the “the real factor” be the Biden news includes a “distrust within the party now about the viability of Hillary Clinton's campaign that she is on very shaky ground” as Democrats are “disappointed” with “her campaign and her difficulty with being straightforward and truthful about the matters of the server.”

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