Tucker: Biden Admin’s Reaction to Surging Inflation and Gas Prices Is to Pretend They’re Victories

‘These are not symbolic problems, these are measurable declines in your family standard of living and they have consequences’


CARLSON: "It hurts when you get poorer, and many people are getting poorer. But strangely, the administration she has refused to acknowledge it. If anything, they are celebrating at. Last night, a Harvard professor called Jason Furman, who is closely aligned with the Biden White House, sent this tweet: 'Most of the economic problems we are facing (inflation, supply chains, etc.) are high-class problems. We wouldn’t have had them if the unemployment rate was still 10%.' In other words, you ought to be thrilled to have less money, it means we are winning. Ron Klain, who's Joe Biden’s chief of staff at the White House, promptly endorsed that tweet. And that is delusional. Or maybe it is intentional. You pretend your failures are victories and some people will doubtless believe you. That seemed to work in Afghanistan, maybe it will work here. That could be their thinking. But it won’t hear work here because domestic economics is not like foreign policy — people notice when their lives change. When you cannot buy Christmas presents for your children or manage to keep your house warm in January, these are not symbolic problems, these are measurable declines in your family's standard of living and they have consequences. If economic decline continues, and it seems likely to continue, you will see a profound political reset in this country. And here is why. The only reason Americans have put up with the endless woke garbage that the left churns out by the gallons is because they can afford to put up with it. For generations, this has been a very rich country and affluence covers a multitude of sins. People will tolerate a lot of things they disagree with, as long as gas is cheap and the Amazon deliveries keep coming. But when a society becomes poorer, people’s attitudes change, and they change fast.”

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