Fiorina: We Are Now ‘Destroying’ More Small Business than We Are ‘Creating’

‘It’s small business that creates two thirds of the new jobs’

DOOCY: “Some people have criticized your record at HP. You were in business for a very long time. How would you grow jobs in America?”

FIORINA: “You know, I hope people will take a real look at my record at HP. I started as a secretary. And during my six years at Hewlett Packard, through the worst technology recession in 25 years, we doubled the company, we went from lagging behind to leading in every product category, every market segment. We saved jobs. So I hope people will take a look at that record. Look, the real job creators in this country have always been small businesses, family-owned businesses, community-based businesses and farms. I started out typing in a nine-person real estate firm. My husband Frank started out driving a tow truck in a family-owned auto body shop. We are crushing those job creators. It’s small business that creates two-thirds of the new jobs, employs half the people. We are for the first time in U.S. history destroying more of them that they're creating.”

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