Huckabee: Kid Actors in Kamala Harris’ Space Video Should Win the Oscars for Their Brilliant Performance

‘These are not gaffes’


HUCKABEE: "The truth is, these kids all ought to get Emmys or Oscars for their acting because they really were performing brilliantly. To pretend that they were interested in what cackling Kamala Harris had to say. There's something we need to recognize about this whole ridiculous video and the fact that she is trying to come out and be public. She’s been invisible for most of her vice presidency. The truth is, like Joe Biden, they are both better when they are in the basement. It’s when they come out of the closet, come out of the basement, come out of the darkness, when we see who they really are. And you know, people say, she’s just got a lot of gaffes. These are not gaffes. Sean, it's been said that a gaffe is when a politician accidentally tells the truth. So when she goes out and makes some blunder, what she's really saying is what's going on. I really think that I am like a lot of Americans who feel like with Joe and Kamala Harris in the front seat of the car, honestly, I think I'm like a back seat passenger in a car driven by Thelma and Louise right off the cliff."

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