Ingraham Gifts Hannity with a ‘Freedom Matters’ Hoodie: You Have Some Obsession with Knuckle Push-Ups

‘It’s weird’


INGRAHAM: "Listen, listen, listen for a second. Stop talking. You never stop talking. You're like talking, talking, talking. Stop talking. Okay, so I understand your pectoralis muscles are so hulkingly big that The XXL we sent you is not big enough. So I got to get them to make it XXXL in the Freedom Matters for Hannity’s wide chest muscles because you do knuckle pushups. I am hearing all these stories about you in the studio. It’s actually weird. You have some obsession with knuckle pushups in the studio."
HANNITY: "I do those."
INGRAHAM: "It’s very strange. So forgive me — "
HANNITY: "I do about 250 a day at least, 250 sit-ups. We hit the heavy bag bare-fisted and we grapple."
HANNITY: "Would you like more?"

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