Rachel Campos-Duffy: Christopher Columbus Is the First Victim of Cancel Culture

‘We’ve got to start with Christopher Columbus’


CAMPOS-DUFFY: "I mean, Christopher Columbus, by the way, is the first victim of cancel culture, and that was by design. Howard Zinn, the Marxist who wrote 'People’s History', this new Marxist revisionist textbook that all of our high school kids and college kids are getting their history from said, 'I had to start with Christopher Columbus. If we want to tear down Western civilization and delegitimize American founding and teach American kids to hate America, we’ve got to start with Christopher Columbus.' And it's been effective. You can see he's now being replaced with Indigenous Peoples Day. And it would be — the giveaway of all of this is that the same standard applied to Christopher Columbus is not applied to Native Americans. We know that they were just as brutal. We know they actually had slaves, including African-American slaves, they conquered tribes before and after Columbus came. So, again, if we are going to apply modern-day standards, we have to apply it on both sides."

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