Stephen Miller: Biden Admin. Is Allowing an Invasion of People to Take Jobs and Benefits from Americans

‘This is an inside attack on our democracy’


MILLER: “During the last administration, President Trump directed an agency within ICE known as Homeland Security Investigations, or HSI, to conduct nationwide worksite enforcement. In fact, we had the largest worksite rate in American history under President Trump, that I was very proud to have take place. All of that is now shut down. If you work illegally in this country, you will be able to take an American job using a fake identity, stealing a Social Security number, and collecting public benefits the whole entire way through. I want to talk also about the parole issue that Bill Melugin just mentioned. Parole is like DACA, or deferred action for people who are outside the country who want to come in illegally. So, in other words, DACA, or deferred action, if you are here illegally, says you can stay here, you have protection from deportation and you can apply for a work permit. That’s what they're doing now for illegal aliens outside the country, newly arriving.”

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