Fox News on Rising Costs: ‘Average American Family Paying an Extra $175 Per Month’

‘Everybody is feeling it across the board’


ALWORTH: “Everybody is talking about this because it is impacting everybody. In increase of 5.4 percent over the year salaries have gone up only 5 percent. There are different categories that are really jumping out. Meat is a big one increasing over 10 percent. Bacon alone up 19 percent. Fish and seafood up over 12 12 percent. We don’t need too just talk about percentage points let’s talk about dollars and cents actual prices and the changes you are seeing. Delicious bacon hitting the wall with hard at today. Seven dollars. Last year you would pay two dollars less. Last year you would have only paid seven dollars for this. Avocados my favorite part of the salad is so expensive and only getting more expensive. Everybody is feeling it across the board. We were able to talk to the president of this supermarket and he explained why we are seeing inflation hitting these grocery stores.”

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