‘Anti-Racist’ Educator Suggests that Kids Should Be Introduced To Critical Race Theory Concepts as Young as Possible

‘Don’t be afraid that … white voices are going to be excluded’


UNKNOWN: “You should be starting at the earliest possible to do something to go against what you know is going to be a deluge of negative and racist and prejudicial messaging. You know that’s going to happen. You can’t undo all of that at once, and so, if you think about it in terms of going against the tide, you will understand exactly how much attention now has to go into this and how much volume has to go into this. We would have to stop allowing — we would have to stop allowing certain things to even be published and certain people to even be published for, like, a hundred years minimum before we would even make a dent, so don’t be afraid that you’re going to suddenly — that white voices are going to be excluded. And that seems to be what people’s concern is, is if we move too fast.”

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