Psaki Says the Commission Studying SCOTUS Reforms Will Release Its Preliminary Report Tomorrow

‘These have not been submitted to the White House for edits or feedback’


PSAKI: "So the commission will release the draft, preliminary discussion materials tomorrow, which is their timeline — or was their deadline and they will meet that — meet that timeline. These have not been submitted to the White House for edits or feedback, and their release will be followed by a public meeting of the commission on Friday. They will then form their final report and submit it to the President in mid-November. So that is the process that will transpire from here. And like we've said previously, our objective here is to allow for this process made up of a diverse range of experts and voices to move forward and represent different viewpoints, and we’re not going to comment on it or the President wouldn’t comment on it until a report is final and he's had a chance to review it at that period of time.”

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