Rep. Jayapal Says Biden Should Negotiate with Manchin and Sinema: This Is His Agenda

‘This is the president’s agenda, so I think it’s completely appropriate those two hold out senators would talk to the president about what they believe’


JAYAPAL: "So, in this situation, this Build Back Better Act has been crafted by 98% of Democrats. I think that’s a pretty good process, actually. But now there are two people that still need to come onboard and the President is in many ways, in my view, the best person to be talking with them. I have had a conversation with Senator Sinema, and Senator Manchin and I also — you know, I’ve suggested that I’m happy to sit down with him, he’s suggested that he’s happy to sit down with me. So maybe that will happen. But the real negotiation here is with the President because this is the President’s agenda. This isn’t some agenda of ten senators that was developed separate from everyone else. No, this is the President’s agenda, so I think it’s completely appropriate that those two hold-out senators would talk to the President about what they believe. Now, I at the same time am also talking to the President, to the White House, to others about what we need just so we don’t get into a situation where something gets negotiated that we simply are not going to be able to deliver the votes for, because we have thin margins in the House as well. And as one senator said to me yesterday, it is important that we get all 50 senators onboard, not just two, so that is also another consideration here."

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