Pa. AG Josh Shapiro Officially Launches Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Campaign

‘Each of us has a responsibility in life to get off the sidelines, get in the game and do our part to make things better’


SHAPIRO: “I've spent my life taking on the big and ‎powerful on behalf of those who've been ‎wronged, citizens who've been left out ‎in communities that have fallen behind. ‎I understand people feel like our ‎politics are divided and broken right ‎now, but we can't just take our ball and ‎go home. There's too much on the line. We all have a responsibility to show up, ‎to stand up, and to fight for what's ‎right. As governor, I'll stay in the game no ‎matter what, ‎and together we'll build a future we can ‎all believe ‎in.”

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