MSNBC: The U.S. Is Now Requiring Vaccines for All ‘Legal Travelers’ from Canada, Mexico, that Does Not Include Illegal Immigrants

‘We’re only talking about legal travelers’


AINSLEY: "Well, we’re only talking about legal travelers, really think of tourists, people who are coming to go shopping here, people who are coming to visit here, people who are coming to see their family members. This does not mean the undocumented immigrants that you've seen crossing our border. In fact, Stephanie, it doesn’t even matter if they’re vaccinated. DHS is keeping in place their policy that will allow them to expel the majority of asylum seekers either back into Mexico or back into their home countries just like they’ve done with Haitians that have recently crossed the border. This pertains to these people in Canada and Mexico who are coming in legally, that nonessential travel, many of whom who haven’t seen family members or even people who are really part of their same communities, when you look at those border communities in Mexico and Canada, they haven’t been able to see those people for a long time. Now if they can show proof of vaccination starting early next month, they’ll be able to enter. But it’s a stricter requirement for essential travel. That’s been allowed to continue so far under the pandemic. Now starting at the beginning of the year, even essential travelers, we're talking about truckers, people who are really key to trade in the economy, they’ll have to show proof of vaccination. So, it’s easier for some and a little harder on others."

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