Concha: Liberal Media Can’t Sell Spending Bill When It’s Like Selling Advance Playoff Tickets for the NY Jets

‘Pelosi expects the press to sell that?’


CONCHA: "That already wins line of the week and we are not even halfway through, 'You should be selling this for us better,' Sean. I half-expected her to start lecturing that coffee is for closers and ABC – always be closing.' Look, it provides a crystal-clear glimpse into how the Democrats expect the media to sell what they as lawmakers should be selling. But this can't be sold. It's like selling advance playoff tickets for the New York Jets. It can’t be done. In this spending bill case, it's because the math — sorry, Jets fans — has never remotely added up. And repeating this line over and over again — "
HANNITY: "Ouch."
CONCHA: "I know, sorry. Look, it's a transition year, what can you say? I like the quarterback. But here Pelosi and the President and the press secretary keep saying this over and over again: that trillions of new spending will cost the American taxpayer $0.00, it will also reduce taxes and the debt. It's a bold-faced lie. It's insulting to anybody’s intelligence. And Pelosi expects reporters to sell that? Even the friendliest of press members think that's crazy."

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