Sen. Marsha Blackburn: ‘If Joe Biden Has His Way, This Wall Will Never Be Completed’

‘What does the Biden administration want?’


BLACKBURN: "If Joe Biden has his way, this wall will never be completed. What does the Biden administration want? Obviously, open borders. There is no respect for our nation’s security, our sovereignty or the rule of law. This shows you the extent that the Border Patrol goes to to make certain that once people are on U.S. soil, they’re not going to get lost, even here on the path where they’re walking. Now, this is after the cartel has put them on U.S. soil and they're walking to turn themselves in. You’ll see this arrow that is laminated, tacked up to that poll, pointing the way to walk. The reason they do this is because of the heat, people who are dehydrated that don’t know where to go, and they don’t want them to get out here in the brush and get lost."

(Via the Hill)

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