Ratcliffe: Mark Milley Is a ‘Hero in a Fiction that Didn’t Take Place’

‘The idea that something like that took place and Mark Milley as the president’s military advisor didn’t brief President Trump on that’


RATCLIFFE: "There was no credible intelligence that the Chinese believed that to be the case. I mean, the story that Bob Woodward told in his book, apparently where Mark Milley is the hero of that story, reflects that on October 30th, Gen. Milley felt the need to call his Chinese counterpart to de-escalate. Now keep in mind, Maria, from a time frame standpoint, that is four days before the presidential election. The idea that something like that took place and Mark Milley as the president's principal military advisor didn’t brief President Trump on that or myself as the president's principal intelligence advisor didn't brief President Trump would tell you that it just didn’t happen. I've had Trump cabinet members when this story broke contact me saying, 'What is Gen. Milley talking about?' There was nothing to de-escalate, we held no national security meetings regarding this in the days in advance. It's simply not true. And so, you know, Mark Milley was the hero in a fiction that didn’t take place. And what's troubling about that, Maria, is sitting chairman of the Joint Chiefs should not be partisan and political, and he clearly went out of his way to participate in the hit piece book against President Trump and it's just inappropriate and I don’t think that he should be serving in that role.”

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