O’Malley on Trump Calling Him ‘Pathetic’: ‘I’m Not Going Get into Name Calling’

‘But I do take great exception to the hateful language that he uses with regard to whole groups of new American immigrants’

O’MALLEY: "Our country is already great, but people like Donald Trump sell it short when they sell their workers short."
TRUMP: I know nothing about him. I think he’s got less than 1 percent in the poll. And I did see my beautiful building on television. It’s a beautiful — tallest building in Las Vegas. I’m very proud of it. The most beautiful building in Las Vegas.
I know he was in front. Martin O’Malley was there to try and get some publicity, which he desperately needs.
STEPHANOPOULOS: "And Governor Martin O’Malley joins us now from Davenport, Iowa, after that appearance in from of Trump’s hotel in Las Vegas this week. Governor, thank you for joining us this morning. That was actually pretty mild from Mr. Trump."
O’MALLEY: "Thank you, George."
STEPHANOPOULOS: "He also said this week that you’re a “disgusting little weak pathetic baby.” Your response?"
O’MALLEY: "My response is I’m not going to get into a name-calling debate with Mr. Trump. But I do take great exception to the hateful language that he uses with regard to whole groups of new American immigrants.

"And I also have a great deal of disagreement with the economic policies he espoused, which are good for billionaires, but bad for working people, including those folks working at minimum wage at his hotel that he will not even allow to have the right to be heard, and to bargain collectively for better wages.

"The biggest challenge in our country right now, George, is, how do we get wages to go up again for Americans instead of down? Seventy percent of us are working harder, but not getting ahead. And that’s not the way our country is supposed to work or our economy is supposed to work.

"And Mr. Trump’s policies are absolutely the wrong sort of policies that would perpetuate this sort of wage stagnation."

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