MSNBC’s Johnson Calls Parents Protesting Mask Mandates ‘White Nationalists, Anarchists’

‘They are using mask mandates and a public health crisis to sort of wage chaos’


JOHNSON: "That was a scene at a school board meeting. Yes, not a high school football game, a school board meeting last week in Chaska Minnesota where a fight broke out during a meeting largely focused on masking. In a version of America where school board meetings have become the new culture war battlegrounds with children caught in the crosshairs, sometimes literally and sometimes figuratively. Now after The National School Boards Association had to ask the president for help investigating and stopping threats over policies like mask mandates. Attorney General Merrick Garland is stepping in, marshaling the FBI in response to what he called a, quote, 'disturbing spike' in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence. Garland directing federal authorities to hold strategy sessions in the next 30 days with law enforcement to confront the scourge. Joyce Vance, former U.S. Attorney and now Law Professor at the University of Alabama, and an MSNBC legal analyst, is here. Lucky for us, Clint Watts is also back. Clint, I got to start with this. To me, this sort of rise in violence that we’re seeing in schools, it’s just a reflection of a rise in violence that we’re seeing all over the country. We’re seeing it in schools. We’re seeing it in grocery stores. We’re seeing it on airplanes. To me, is this really about people being upset about mask mandates or are there sort of underlying disruptive forces, white nationalists, anarchists, whatever, in this country, that are using mask mandates and a public health crisis to sort of wage chaos?"

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