Jen Psaki Addresses the Arlington, Texas School Shooting by Calling for Gun Reform, Assault Weapons Ban

‘The president has been an advocate for doing more on gun safety measures’


PSAKI: "Absolutely. I mean, one, I would say the President has been an advocate for doing more for gun safety measures through the course of his career. Not only did he fight to get the Brady Bill passed, he fought for the Assault Weapons Ban. It remains a cause of his public life in office. We, of course, are frustrated by the inability to get commonsense gun reforms through Congress. We should be able to get universal background checks approved. They’re supported by the vast majority of the public, as are assault weapons bans. But in addition to that, we also have taken a number of steps, both by working through the Department of Justice to increase our strike force teams that are going out to specific communities and cities to help address violence. A lot of that is driven by gun violence. That’s something that we’ve been implementing from there. And, of course, our Department of Education is engaged in this effort as well."

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