Shelley Ross on CNN Ignoring Her Accusation of Sexual Harassment Against Chris Cuomo: Brian Stelter ‘Said Nothing About It’

‘And Brian Stelter knows me, he knows the position of authority I held’


ROSS: "I also feel badly for Brian Stelter, who has been totally compromised. He is the chief media critic, he has a great resume, he really is a good reporter, and he’s said nothing about it. And Brian Stelter knows me. He knows the positions of authority I held at, you know, multiple networks. He’s interviewed me. He’s actually done like a — he wrote a 'New York Times' feature about me when I took over the CBS 'Early Show.' And I wrote an editorial that was published in 'The New York Times' that literally went viral, I’ve seen it picked up as far away as 'The Taipei Times,' it was trending on Twitter, it — you know, Twitter burned up, and these are all things that are Brian Stelter's beat."

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