Ted Cruz: Biden Admin ‘Doesn’t Give a Damn’ About Millions of People Being Hurt by Their Open-Border Policy

‘Biden admin wouldn’t even show up [to the meeting of Foreign Ministers of 11 countries in Central and South America]’


CRUZ: “It’s a complete convenient dearn — it’s a completesurrende panama is at the juncture of south America and north America. She described now in the last year they have seen 80,000 haitian illegal aliens crossing north through south America through panama on the way to the United States. These are haitians who evacuated years ago and came to south America and were living happily there. Then word got out that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are in charge and it’s open borders. If you make it to the United States, you get to stay. The foreign minister told thee me, I called the — told me? I called the White House repeatedly. But they don’t run her calls. She called the state department and they talked to her once but they below her off. They hosted a meeting of 11 countries? Central and south America. Obviously they wanted the United States there because the United States is where everyone is going in this crisis. The Biden administration resphiewsed to send the secretary of state. They sent a lower-level individual. The Biden administration wouldn’t even show up because think don’t give a damn about the thousands and hundreds of thousands and millions of people being hurt by their open border policy.”

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