CNN: Speaker Pelosi Says Democrats Must Pass Infrastructure Bill by Oct. 31

‘On Friday, Biden made a rare trek to Capitol Hill to encourage those divided Democrats to find common ground’

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DIAZ: “Fred, this comes of course this announcement that she made in this letter where she said that deadline for passing bipartisan infrastructure will come on October 31st. Has to happen by then. She wrote in this. Which is notable because this week was probably the biggest test of unity for Democrats and in the end, they started, they didn’t end much farther than where they started after working for five days straight on where they could land this plane land the bipartisan infrastructure bill that moderates wanted to pass by Thursday night ahead of some surface transportation funding that lapsed at midnight. Instead, they passed a 30-day funding bill which is why pelosi has now announced this is going to go through October and they’re hoping to pass this bill by then.”

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