Fmr. DNC Spokesperson: Unfair to Call Obama ‘Deporter-in-Chief’; ‘He Was a Champion for Immigrant Rights’

‘Donald Trump followed him — that is the true deporter-in-chief’


HINOJOSA: “People often – the reason that we have daca, which is protection for dreamers, and at the time he actually put in place protections for their parents is because of Barack Obama. We have seen efforts to try to overturn it over the last few years in the Trump administration and by the supreme court. Luckily it’s holding on by a thread, but it’s just an example of how presidents can’t just wave a magic wand and pass immigration reform. They need congress to do it. So it shows how elections matter and I think that the fact that he has provided relief for dreamers is actually a huge part of his legacy that people don’t often talk about. I also think it’s unfair to dub him as deporter in chief for the reason – a number of reasons, he was a champion for immigrant rights, but at the same time, Donald Trump followed him. That is the true deporter in chief.” 

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