Richardson: Trump ‘Flaming out’ Is the Best Thing for the American People and GOP

‘Polls, press, and the big crowds don’t mean votes in the voting poll’

MALZBERG: “Let me ask you about the 14th Amendment. The constitution actually says that Congress will decide who becomes a citizen and that there may be other ways around this situation without repealing the 14th Amendment. But where are the 14th Amendment – the 14th Amendment sir, with all due respect, was never intended. It refers to slaves becoming citizens of this country. How do that translate to pregnant woman coming across the border illegally to have their baby, so that their babies would become citizens and then reap the benefits of citizenship.”

RICHARDSON: "Well you know, Steve, I don’t want to get into legal argument with you. But, you know, the Congress has respected that 14th Amendment, basically saying that children that are born in this country are American citizens, that's a birthright. That's something that no Congress has challenged. Maybe there's a fringe in the Republican Party, like Trump, that are challenging this, but a majority of the American people, for instance 75 percent of the American people think there should be legal status for the 11 million that are here illegally as long as they observe certain conditions. Like pay a fine for coming here illegally, like passing a background check, like learning American values, like many other requirements. That's where the American people are. The American people are in the center, they're moderate, they’re -- they have a tremendous amount of respect for this country, they're kind. I think Trump is maybe – he’s getting that 20 percent, but you know in the end, Steve, polls, press, and big crowds don't mean votes in the voting booth. I experienced that in Iowa and New Hampshire, I get these big crowds, but at the end it’s your organization. Trump has no organization. He has all these people flapping around that like him and that's about it. In Iowa, it's a caucus, its Nevada it's a caucus, you've got to organize. I think you’re going to see this guy flaming out. That would be in the best interest of the American people and the Republican Party  -- if they listen.”

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