NBC’s Welker: Several Dems Telling NBC News ‘They Are Getting Jittery’ About Hillary

‘Several Democrats tell NBC News they are getting jittery as the democratic frontrunner struggles to respond’

[clip starts]

WELKER (voice-over): “Meanwhile several Democrats tell NBC News, they're getting jittery as the Democratic front-runner struggles to respond.”

HENRY: “Did you wipe the server?”

CLINTON: “Like with, a cloth or something?”

WELKER (voice-over): “Her attempt at humor seeming to fall short.”

CLINTON: “You may have seen that I recently launched a SnapChat account. (Cheering) I love it. I love it. Those messages disappear all by themselves.”

WELKER (voice-over): “The controversy making her an easy target for Republicans.”

TRUMP: “She’s got big problems. I don't know. What is Hillary going to do about Hillary?”

WELKER (voice-over): “It’s also fueling the movement for Vice President Joe Biden to join the race, a majority of Democrats, 53 percent, say they want Biden to run. The Super Pac draft Biden is ramping up. Even though it’s getting late.”

SCHALE: “He is a guy that is genuinely well liked, really across the aisle. If he makes a decision to get in there, I’m pretty confident they’ll be the support there to mount a real effort.”

[clip ends]

WELKER: “Now back to that e-mail issue, the Clinton campaign is releasing a new video this morning called scandal fact check. This is yet another effort by the campaign to ramp up its damage control. Clinton is scheduled to testify about all of this on Capitol Hill in October and aides are hoping that that will allow Clinton to turn the page. But there is no guarantee given the FBI is investigating and there's no end in sight to that investigation.”

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