Ro Khanna: ‘This Is the Entire Democratic Party and Joe Biden Versus Kyrsten Sinema’

‘This is not progressives versus moderates’


KHANNA: “The President keeps begging or tell us what you want. Put a proposal forward. You see the progressives, look at what we've compromised on. We went from 6 trillion to 3.5 trillion. Then they said we need to pass a bill in the Senate first. We said even if you come up with an agreement, that's fine. Then they said, go blow 3.5 trillion. We said, OK, we're willing to negotiate front load the benefits. Let's talk about the years. We are willing to compromise. How do you compromise, John, when Sinema is not saying anything? And what's mind boggling is you have unanimity in the House. Tomorrow the Speaker could get a deal in the House on a number, and I believe you have 48 senators, I believe Senator Manchin would come on board. It's important for people to realize this. This is not progressives versus moderates, this is the entire Democratic Party and Joe Biden versus Kyrsten Sinema.”

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