Hillary Spox on Deleted Email: ‘Everyone Understands Even [She] Gets a Zone of Privacy’

‘She decided that she retains a couple months’ worth of e-mails so she can find personal e-mails she needs to but after that she doesn’t need them anymore’


BLITZER: "Why did she decide to delete half of the e-mails she effectively engaged in during her four years as secretary of state?" 
PALMIERI: "She had her -- what happened was State Department came to all the former secretaries of state last fall to ask for whatever records they may have because they realized that they didn't -- because not just Hillary Clinton but other secretaries of state had used personal e-mail they may not have captured everything. She asked her lawyers to look at this, she had some legal minds on the case, to see which e-mails were state departments and which were personal and turned over the State Department ones. Anything that was business related. And then chose not to retain the ones that were considered personal." 
BLITZER: "On that point, why wouldn't she want to keep her personal e-mail records? Maybe there were fun, cute e-mails she would want to keep. Why would she want to wipe that clean?" 
PALMIERI: "These are personal e-mails and I think everyone understands even Hillary Clinton gets a zone of privacy. She decided that she retains a couple months' worth of e-mails so she can find personal e-mails she needs to but after that she doesn't need them anymore. She made this decision. I think obviously she was former secretary of state so we want to make sure people understand how she handled classified information when she was secretary of state, that she was careful with it, she didn't deal with it online. She dealt with it hard copy, in meetings, not on the computer. At some level this is not different than the situation with governor bush. He had a personal e-mail account. He had his own server as well. He decided which were business related that he would make public and which were personal that he wasn't. At some point with e-mail everyone makes these determinations, and we want people to understand what the facts are but then look at this in a broader political context. You see Republicans on political, on the campaign trail trying to divert attention from issues that aren't going so well for them whether it's the economy or immigration or women's health and trying to hurt Hillary Clinton this way. As your own poll shows she is quite durable."

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