MSNBC Panel: ‘Given the White Supremacist Roots of This Nation’ Our Immigration System ‘Is Based on Race and Class’

‘Our immigration system is also reflective of that antiblackness that exists’


HINCAPIE: "Yeah, it’s not surprising, right, that given the white supremacist roots of this nation, that our immigration system is also reflective of that anti-blackness that exists. And so, you know, the situation that we have right now, Geoff, is that we have the Biden Administration that has prioritized racial equity and racial justice. And for this to be happening, for black migrants to be deported, for Haitian migrants to be deported to a country that is suffering a recent earthquake and a political assassination of their president, this is just completely unacceptable. So we are urging the administration to ensure that they stop deportations back to Haiti, that they provide the due process that is necessary to ensure that these individuals have the opportunity to go through our legal immigration system. And look, it’s important to remember that the last administration decimated our asylum and refugee system and that President Biden ran on a vision for 21st century immigration system that is grounded in racial and economic equity that centers the humanity and dignity of migrants. We need them to go back to that vision and implement that vision and to stop what they’re doing right now at the border, which is immoral and inhumane and cruel as well."

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