Senator Schumer Says He’s ‘Angered’ by Parliamentarian’s Ruling on Immigration Reform

‘Last night’s ruling was extremely disappointing ‘


SCUMER: “And first I want to say a word about yesterday, about the news we received last night from the parliamentarian. Last night’s ruling was extremely disappointing. It saddened me, it frustrated me, it angered me because so many lives are at stake. But make no mistake, the fight continues. Senate Democrats have prepared alternative proposals. We will be holding additional meetings with the parliamentarian in the coming days. I’ve worked very closely with my colleagues, including chairman of the Judiciary Committee Senator Durbin, as well as our four Latino senators, Padilla, Menendez, Lujan and Cortez Masto, and we’re going to continue our fight with the best options available to provide immigrants with a chance of obtaining lawful residence. The last year and a half, if it showed anything, it’s how vital immigrants are to America."

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