Boris Johnson: U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan Was ‘Massive Success’

‘It’s respectable argument to say enough is enough’


JOHNSON: "I think that it was a massive logistical success, what they did — "
GUTHRIE: "You're being quite easy come, easy go about it, but you heard about it in Parliament, members of your own party. Tony Blair called it tragic and unnecessary. Theresa May, member of the Conservative Party, went after you. Should the U.S. have been surprised by how quickly this collapse of Afghanistan happened? What did the intelligence tell you?"
JOHNSON: "There was a spectrum of advice, a spectrum of predictions from the intelligence people, amongst which was the possibility that Kabul would collapse very fast and that the Taliban would take over very fast. Of course, you’ve got to look back on it with mixed feelings. But I say this, Savannah, all the things we did in Afghanistan, 3.6 million women and girls were educated who would not otherwise be — "

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