Kimmel: Instead of Getting a Free Vaccine at Walgreens, People Would Spend Hours Photoshopping Themselves on a Clydesdale

‘I think they should make people ride their horses to the store’


KIMMEL: “Many Americans are still resisting the vaccine in favor of the paste they use to de-worm horses, you know, so much so that horse owners are having trouble finding it, and even when they do, the increased demand has jacked the price way up. One feed store in Las Vegas had to post this sign: 'Ivermectin will be only sold to horse owners. Must show pic of you and your horse.' Preferably on Tinder.


Can you imagine, you won’t go to Walgreens to get a free vaccine, you’ll spend four hours photoshopping your body onto a Clydesdale to get Ivermectin? I think they should make people ride their horses to the store to prove they — and of course, you know who’s loving this the most — the worms, the horse worms, they’re like, 'Party! Let’s get all up in this for a change.'”

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