Meyers Mocks Tucker: Aside from Vax Mandates, ‘They’ Can Force You to Wear Shoes in Olive Garden

‘Why is Tucker so concerned that someone might give him psychotropic drugs?’


MEYERS: "Why is Tucker so concerned that someone might give him psychotropic drugs? It's awfully specific for him to use as a random example. Did it come up recently, like, at his last physical? 'All right, Tucker, mostly great. blood pressure a little high. And have you ever thought about Thorazine?' Also, if you don't want people recommending psychotropic meds, try to drop that quiet chuckle you did to yourself. You never see a guy sitting on a bench in Central Park laughing at nothing and think, 'I'm gonna go ask that guy for stock tips.' I will say this though, if cable news ever gets boring for Tucker, he'd make a hell of an improviser, because my man knows how to heighten. 'If they can force you to take a vaccine, what can't they force you to do? Can they force you to take psychotropic meds? Make you wear a seat belt? Make you put your shoes on at Olive Garden, even though they tell you 'When you're here, you're family?' And then, when you try to fill a briefcase with unlimited breadsticks, can they call security? And when you explain to them that if they didn't want people to put breadsticks in their suitcases, they should put a sign up saying as much. Can they, then, roll their eyes and say, 'Let's please not do this again, Mr. Carlson, because it's the same argument you made the last time you were there?' And when you say, 'You could put the sign right there,' and point to the wall behind them, and then run for the front door when they turn around, only to crash into the hostess station, can they stand over you pointing and laughing? Well, I'm here to tell you they can, because it happened to me last night.' (Fake chuckles)"

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