Lemon: This Is Not About Race But Gabby Petito’s Boyfriend Had the Privilege of Not Getting Questioned by Police

‘Nobody watches to see his whereabouts and he’s gone and nobody knows where he is’

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LEMON: “You got the breaking news. That’s it. This story, we talked about it a little bit today, chris and I taped our podcast today. We talked about it a little l bit today. For me, you’re the attorney. It seems unusual that someone who was possibly the last person to see gabby definitely before she disappeared and possibly or probably before she perished is somehow allowed to go scott free, roam scott free and get away with it. Not a suspect, I get that. Not even talk to police through an attorney. Nobody watches to see his whereabouts and he’s gone and nobody knows where he is. That seems odd to me and this isn’t – look. It’s not about race. It’s about something that people not of privilege, it doesn’t seem like they have the opportunity to do that. I mean, you know, I figured if most people would be hauled in and say you got to talk and do whatever. You say it’s about whoever has an attorney. If you have an attorney, fine. If you don’t, then –”

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