Tarlov Pushes Back on Dagen McDowell: You Don’t Even Know You’re Pregnant at Six Weeks

‘That is so out of the main stream that 70% of Republicans don’t support it’


TARLOV: "The Biden administration is certainly not pro-human suffering. But just really quickly on the abortion point — "
McDOWELL: "What do you call this?"
TARLOV: "That bill is so out of the mainstream that 70% of Republicans don’t support it."
McDOWELL: "That's not my point. 
TARLOV: "My point is, you don’t even know you are pregnant by six weeks, Dagen, in a lot of cases."
McDOWELL: "There are children suffering at the border and it has been going on all year. And what have you heard out of the Biden administration? Nothing. He's riding his bike around Rehobeth, the warlock of warlocks."

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