Ted Cruz: Sinema and Manchin Have Demonstrated Real Courage Standing up to the Crazies in Their Party

‘Everyone who pays taxes in America will see their taxes go up under this massive proposal’


CRUZ: "Look, you are right, this is the Bernie Sanders’ budget. Bernie Sanders is a wide-eyed and admitted socialist. He says this is the most transformational bill in a generation. He means it. It is trillions in spending, it is trillions in new taxes. It is the Green New Deal. Everyone who pays taxes in America will see their taxes go up under this massive proposal. Individual taxes are going up. Corporate taxes are going up. Small business taxes are going up. Capital gains taxes are going up. The death tax is going up. Seniors are getting hammered, farmers, ranchers, small businesses, it is disastrous. Whether it passes or not will depend on 50 Democrats in the Senate. Do they get Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to go along? I can tell you Chuck Schumer is putting a world of hurt and pressure on the two of them. I hope they stand their ground. They have demonstrated some real courage so far standing up to the crazies in their party.”

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