Kimmel to Nicki Minaj: If You Fall into a Manhole After Taking Moderna, It Doesn’t Mean it Was the Vaccine’s Fault

‘By the way, if anyone could track down this friend of Nicki’s cousin, I would really like to talk to him’


KIMMEL: “But this actually gives us a chance to talk about something that actually is important. Nicki's cousin's friend got the Covid vaccine then his testicles swelled up. That doesn't mean his testicles swelled up because he got the Covid vaccine. You get the vaccine then you fall a manhole doesn't mean Moderna causes manhole accidents. When two things happen close together, we tend to see them as connected. And this friend o Nicki's cousin, I hate to say it but if your testicles swell up that big, the question isn't "Did you get the vaccine recently? It's what have you been doing to your balls?" By the way, if anyone could track down this friend of Nicki's cousin, I would really like to talk to him.”

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