CNN: Newsom’s Win Was a Blowout

‘Gavin Newsom, right now doing better percentagewise than where Joe Biden did’


MATTINGLY: "This is what it looks like right now. You’ve seen the blue fill in. You’ve seen the red fill in. We’ve been through this drill many times. Here’s where things stand right now. We’ve obviously called this race. The 'No' vote right now at 2.77 million more than the 'Yes' vote. Remember, this ballot had two questions. You vote no on the recall, you’re done. You vote yes, then you have 46 options to replace Gavin Newsom. Clearly Gavin Newsom and the 'No' vote are winning handily. Here’s why, and I think it’s important to dig into these results here. Keep in mind the baseline. Democrats have an almost 2-1 advantage in registration. So for Republicans to have any shot whatsoever, they needed independents to break their way, major Democratic apathy, and you needed Republicans to surge. I want to pick out three counties in particular just to start things off. You start with the biggest county in the state, Los Angeles County, obviously Gavin Newsom or the 'No' vote right now, 73% to a 26%. This is a blowout. However, this was an area they hoped there could be some Republican votes or at least some apathy on the Democratic side. Look at this percentage right here. Go back to 2020. Where was Joe Biden at this point? Gavin Newsom right now doing better percentage-wise than where Joe Biden did — what Joe Biden did back in 2020. That is obviously a very positive sign. Joe Biden won the state by 30 points. Basically, the yes vote needed to blow away where Joe Biden was in terms of percentages."

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