Noah: Maybe It’s the Chinese Vaccine that Enlarged the Guy’s B*lls Stated in Minaj’s Tweet

‘Nicki Minaj is saying she’s unsure and she can be convinced’


NOAH: “When we’re saying I need to do more research, you’re just saying you need to see enough information to convince you your decision is correct. That’s all we’re saying. That’s what we mean when we say I want to do my own research. I special don’t want Nicki Minaj doing her own research because I don’t want to wait ten years for her album while she finishes medical school. The problem for Nicki Minaj’s millions of followers, that tweet about swollen balls, that will be their research, it will be their research. But, at the same time, the I’m not saying that we should label Nicki Minaj as an anti-vaxxer, all right. Like, give her a little bit of the benefit of a doubt. Nicki Minaj is saying she’s unsure and she can be convinced. That’s what she said. Show just said I just need to understand a little bit more.”

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